Class Descriptions & Payment Structure

Please see the class descriptions below.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!  We truly believe that Judo is for everyone and and we can help you find the class and the pacing that is right for your body and abilities.

United States Judo Federation Membership:

All participants - juniors and adults alike, must pay a $70 annual fee to the United States Judo Federation (USJF). This once yearly membership fee does not go to Oak Tree Dojo, LLC but to the USJF which is a governing body within United States Judo that oversees rank certification as well as provides secondary insurance for participants' protection.

Please see click through here to see more information on USJF.

Judo Track A - Ages 5-7

[CLOSED ENROLLMENT] Wait List Available!!

$85.00 a month per student.

Judo helps children grow in wonderful ways. As we jump, run, and roll we develop balance, coordination and confidence. This class is designed to develop a strong base of judo technique, culture, and character.  Fun tumbling, jumping and running activities warm us up before we practice our ukemi or proper falling techniques. All of our students learn to fall safely, effortlessly and without discomfort.  


Judo Track B - Ages 7-15

[CLOSED ENROLLMENT] Wait List Available!!

$85 month per student.

Our TRACK B program is designed to be a smooth transition from the TRACK A class.  This class allows students to not only learn but to actually use their judo skills.  The basic skills taught here are honed through standing (tachi-waza) and matwork (newaza) drills.  Students in this class are exposed to more extended randori or free practice in order to help further develop their cognitive spatial awareness.  Our instructors are always careful to supervise the students to assure that the techniques are used both effectively and safety. This environment is a great balance of competition and friendship.  


Judo Track C - Ages 7-15

[CLOSED ENROLLMENT] Wait List Available!!

$85 month per student.

Our TRACK C program is a faster paced environment with a good emphasis on both recreational judo & competition.  Their basic judo techniques are further enhanced through more vigorous drills and applications helping to develop a well-rounded athlete.  In addition to their basic standing (tachi-waza) and matwork (newaza) techniques, more advanced and in depth topics are introduced such as strangling (shime-waza) & joint locking (kansetsu-waza) techniques.  Although done at more strenuous pace, all our instructors take close care to maintain effectiveness and safety.  Compared to the other classes, a greater amount of free practice (randori) is done in order to further enhance their cognitive spatial awareness and overall developmental needs.  Many of our students compete in multiple local & national competitions throughout the year.


Judo Track D (Teens/Adults):

$85.00 per month per student.

Our teens & adults' judo class is designed both for the competitive judoka & with the everyday working individual in mind.  Classes are focused on the technical aspects of Judo techniques helping you to learn everything from the fundamentals to advanced techniques as taught in the Track C class. Classes start with a warm-up, followed by drills, then instruction, and may end with free practice (Randori). Every class you will get a great workout, refine your skills, learn something new, and test your technique with your teammates.  Here we provided a laid back environment allowing you to move through your judo as your own pace.