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Seiei Boot Camp

This is a multi dojo youth workout focused on providing our judoka with extra mat time to refine their techniques and boost their cardio before the upcoming 2018-19 judo season. Oak Tree Judo participants must be in the Intermediate and/or Advanced Junior classes to participate. Please consult with your instructors in regards to your readiness for this event. 

Entry fee is $5 with free admission for senseis. 

Please click HERE to register for this event online.

Note* Walk in registration has been allowed in the past with a copy USJF/USJA/USA Judo memberships cards on hand, signed waivers, and at host dojo's discretion. I suggest not waiting until then.

*This is the FINAL training camp for the year, and it is a great opportunity for your athlete to practice all of the new techniques he or she has been learning! There will be ample randori “sparring” time, giving your child a good amount of live action experience before 2018 comes to a close.

For more information, please contact June Encarnacion

Email: Phone: (425) 558- 0220