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ZENYU FALL CHALLENGE at Kentridge High School (Kent, WA)

  • Kentridge High School 12430 Southeast 208th Street Kent, WA, 98031 United States (map)

An all ages judo tournament at Kentridge High School (Kent, WA), hosted by Zenyu Judo Dojo (Maple Valley, WA).

Oak Tree participants should be enrolled in the Intermediate Junior Class  or Adult Judo Class, and should seek instructor advisement before registering.  If you are a minor and under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must sign a release for your participation.

Please go HERE to register for the tournament online

Please go HERE to download the entry form

 Tournament Contact: Douglas Graham.  Phone:(253)852-0858.


Carpooling can be arranged person to person, the dojo will not be providing carpool services.

There are several major, national organizations that organize tournaments in the United States.  The two we work with the most are USA JUDO and UNITED STATES JUDO FEDERATION otherwise known as USJF.  To compete widely, you must be a member of both.  You will start registering for USA JUDO and then apply for the "Joint Membership Option" on the USJF site. We understand this is confusing.  Please consult with your sensei to assess what memberships you will need for your level of competition.  

For financial planning, it is good to know that memberships are roughly $140 a year per participant. 

All potential participants must have two full competition gis, one BLUE and one WHITE. Gis can be purchased through the dojo and cost $60 per gi.  Checks, cards and cash can be accepted for gis.  Please make checks out to OAK TREE JUDO DOJO.  Please speak to your sensei three weeks prior to competition to purchase a gi.

Please bring the following to the tournament:

  1. Current USJF / USA Judo Card

  2. A towel to dry off.

  3. Flip flops or quick change sandals

  4. Clean feet and trimmed nails.

  5. No earring or jewelry in piercings.

  6. Long hair must be tied back.

  7. No perfume or oily lotions.

  8. Please be aware that dyed hair can bleed on gis and damage the gis. Please plan appropriately if you have dyed hair.

  9. Please wear shorts for quick change between gis.

  10. Female participants must wear a white t shirt or rash guard under their gi

  11. Printed copy of your registration form.

  12. Means to pay registration fee (please see below, check or cash)

  13. A reusable water bottle labeled with your name - please do not bring disposable plastic!

  14. Cash for snacks

  15. A brown bag lunch

  16. NOTE: all day seating is on bleachers. Please bring any items to make yourself comfortable as needed.

  17. Appropriate "in seat" activities for smaller siblings.

  18. There is no secured area for personal items other than your car. Please do not bring expensive electronics or any items you cannot secure while you compete.



7:00 AM to 9:00 AM for Junior Participants

10:00 AM  for Senior Participants


ENTRY FEE & ENTRY DEADLINE $40.00 per contestant for phone, email, online entry and/or mail entry (US/UPS/Airborne/DHS/etc.). Mail entries to Zenyu Fall Challenge / Doug Graham, 14121 SE 228th St, Kent, WA 98042. Registration closes on Tuesday, September 15, 2018. Entries past that date will not be accepted unless authorized by a Tournament Director, a late fee will be assessed.


Make checks payable to: Community Sports.

Full IJF rules will apply with the following modifications.

1. Modified double elimination (more that 5) or Round robin (5 or less competitors)

2. Chocks will be allowed in Junior Juvenile and Cadet Senior Novice and Brown-Black belt divisions

3. Arm locks will be allowed in Junior Cadet and Senior Brow-Black Belt divisions

4. If a player moves up voluntarily the rules of that division will apply.

5. Blue and white judo-gis are required Junior Cadet and Senior Brown - black belt divisions other may use blue gis but must have a white gi.

6. Match time will be 4 minutes in Senior brown - black divisions all others will be 3 minutes. 7. Tournaments directors reserve the right to: a) make changer to divisions if there are insufficient contestants and will notify coaches of any such event prior to competition; and b) reject any forms that contain false information.

8. To receive awards athletes must be in Judo-gi or proper team attire